We focus on providing high-yield PMK GLycidate, BMK Glycidate, Piperidone

WGP is a technological enterprise engaged in the R&D, production and marketing of pharmaceutical intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients and raw chemical materials. WGP offers a broad range of speciality chemicals and customized synthesis services to a range of pharmaceutical and biochemical industries.

Our Story

WGP has been expanded to the import-export market since 2021- then we have become experts in exporting well-known raw chemicals. We have earned the trust of many producers and individual customers through our first-class and attentive service. We execute wholesale and retail orders. We also provide professional shipping and expert advice on hazardous products at the stage of selecting suitable cargo.

After years of development, we established close cooperative relationships with Wuhan Research Institute of Biology and numerous universities. Thanks to this reliable technical support from such scientific research and a team of expert scientists, we are enabled to produce high-tech pharmaceutical products. Meanwhile, we have the capacity to provide products to our customers with affordable prices and high quality. Our unmatched accreditation for supplying high-quality chemicals is what differentiates us from competitors.

WGP is committed to innovation, and quality service. In response to the dynamic development of the industry and growing customer demands, the experts in our laboratories are constantly developing new solutions for various industries and market sectors. New products are often introduced to our offer in cooperation with our customers, based both on the analysis of needs and application tests carried out in their production plants.

We will continue to enlarge positively our business, and improve consistently ourselves in keeping safe shipments and attentive service to our customers.

We are dedicated to reducing the risk of logistics, our customers always receive the products without worrying about custom clearance.

Francesco xia

Founder, Owner

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