N-desethyl isotonitazene Cas 2732926-24-6

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NDesethyl isotonitazene is a new synthetic opioid bearing structural resemblance to isotonitazene and recently emergent nitazene analogues

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Pure N-desethyl isotonitazene Cas 2732926-24-6

Formal Name
CAS Number
Molecular Formula
Formula Weight 368.4
Purity ≥98%
A crystalline solid
Formulation A crystalline solid

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Bromazolam CAS 71368-80-4
Dipyanone CAS 60996-94-3
Etadesnitazene CAS 911-65-9
Protonitazene (hydrochloride) Cas 119276-01-6
Metonitazene CAS 14680-51-4
N-desethyl isotonitazene CAS 2732926-24-6
Flubrotizolam CAS 57801-95-3
Etonitazepyne CAS 2785346-75-8
N-desethyl Etonitazene CAS 2732926-26-8

benzodiazepines Nitazines:
CAS Name CAS Name
71368-80-4 Bromazolam 119276-01-6 Protonitazene
57801-95-3 Flubrotizolam 14680-51-4 Metonitazene
40054-73-7 Deschloroetizolam 14188-81-9 Isotonitazene
2894-61-3 Bromonordiazepam 95810-54-1 Butonitazene
2647-50-9 Flubromazepam 2728-91-8* Flunitazene (hydrochloride)
612526-40-6 Flubromazolam 84379-13-5 Bretazenil
2886-65-9 N-desalkylflurazepam
99593-25-6 Rilmazafone

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