2-bromo-4-methylpropiophenone CAS 1451-82-7

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It employed as an important intermediate for raw material for organic synthesis, agrochemical, pharmaceutical and dyestuff field. Also used as intermediate for 4-methylmethcathinone.

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CAS 1451-82-7 CAS 5337-93-9 CAS 1009-14-9 CAS 49851-31-2 as intermediate in the synthesis of 4-methyl methcathinone HCl Whatsapp/Tel:+86 13296617870.

2-bromo-4-methylpropiophenone CAS 1451-82-7

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2-bromo-4-methylpropiophenone CAS 1451-82-7
2-bromo-4-methylpropiophenone CAS 1451-82-7

2-bromo-4-methylpropiophenone CAS 1451-82-7 product information:

Product Name 2-Bromo-4-Methylpropiophenone
Synonyms 4-Methylphenyl1-BroMoethylKetone;2-bromo-4-methylpropiophenone;2-bromo-1-(4-methylphenyl)propan-1-one;2-Bromo-1-(4-methylphenyl)-Chemicalbook1-propanone;1-Propanone,2-broMo-1-(4-Methylphenyl)-;2-BROMO-4′-METHYLPROPIOPHENE;2-Bromo-1-(p-tolyl);EG-2201power
CAS NO 1451-82-7
Molecular Formula C10H11BrO
Molecular Weight 227.1
Melting point 75-77
Boiling Point 273
Flash Point 59
Density 1.357
Assay ≥99%
Grade Pharmaceutical Grade
Solubility Soluble in chloroform and methanol.
Appearance White Powder
Storage Store at dry and cool place
Packing and Shipping Packing: Drum / Aluminum Foil Bag / According to customer’s requiement; Shipping: 3-5 working days after receive payment, by Fedex,UPS,EMS,DHL,Sea and air transport
Usage It can be used as a pharmaceutical synthesis intermediate


2-bromo-4-methylpropiophenone uses

1451-82-7 usually used as the intermediate and raw material in the fine chemistry industry. Specifically, this chemical can act as the intermediate in the synthesis of 4-methyl methcathinone HCl, which is used as the sample for development and validation of a presumptive colour spot test method for the detection of piperazine analogues in seized illicit materials.Moreover, this compound may function as an effective ingredient to prepare the therapeutically useful 1-phenyl-2-piperidinoalkanol derivatives.In addition, this substance has been demonstrated to be involved in the preparation of a pharmaceutical composition comprising a pyrrole derivative, which shows a desirable activity for the treatment pollakiuria or urinary incontinence.

2-bromo-4-methylpropiophenone synthesis

14.8 g (0.1 mol) of 4′-methylpropiophenone are introduced into 100 ml of chloroform, in the presence of a small amount of finely ground aluminium chloride, and a solution of 15.9 g (0.1 mol; 5 ml) of bromine, in 20 ml of chloroform is added dropwise whilst cooling with an ice bath. The mixture is left to react overnight at ambient temperature. It is then filtered, the solvent is evaporated off from the filtrate and the crystalline residue is washed with diethyl ether. 21.5 g of crystals are collected.

2-bromo-4-methylpropiophenone erowid


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