Diphenylacetonitrile CAS 86-29-3

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Benzyl cyanide (abbreviated BnCN) is an organic compound with the chemical formula C6H5CH2CN. This colorless oily aromatic liquid is an important precursor to numerous compounds in organic chemistry.

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Diphenylacetonitrile CAS 86-29-3 product information:

Product Name: Diphenylacetonitrile
Synonyms: α-Phenylbenzeneacetonitrile; Benzhydryl Cyanide; Dipan; Diphenatrile; Diphenyl-α-cyanomethane; Diphenylmethyl Cyanide; NSC 130268; NSC 884; α-Phenylbenzyl Cyanide; α-Phenylphenylacetonitrile;
CAS NO: 86-29-3
Molecular Formula: C₁₄H₁₁N
Molecular Weight: 193.24
Melting Point: 73 – 74°C
Boiling Point: 181 °C/12 mmHg (lit.)
Density: 1.1061 (rough estimate)
Appearance: White to Off-White Solid
Storage: ‘-20°C Freezer, Under inert atmosphere
Solubility: DMSO (Slightly), Methanol (Slightly)
Applications: Diphenylacetonitrile undergoes anhydrous condensation with ethyl-4-bromo-butyrate. This is followed by its hydrolysis in alkaline medium that is used in the quantitative determination of 3-cyano-3,3-diphenylpropionic acid.

diphenylacetonitrile grignard

You can titrate it against diphenylacetic acid. This is the best method to find the concentration of Grignard reagent and I use to follow. Dissolve the weighed quantity diphenyl acetic acid in THF and titrate it against the freshly prepared RMgX the appearance of yellow colour indicates the end point.

diphenylacetonitrile melt

71-73 °C (lit.)

diphenylacetonitrile synthesis

Add the 250mL ethyl acetate in 500mL glass there-necked flask, open and stir, add the 150g phenylcarbinol, add sodium methylate 80g, 70 ℃ of stirring reactions 2 hours are down to room temperature, add benzyl cyanide 120ml.Be heated to 110 ℃, distillation reaction 10h.Reaction naturally cools to room temperature after finishing, and adds the extraction of 200ml ethyl acetate and 200ml water, tells lower aqueous layer.The upper strata ethyl acetate layer adds water, and washing once adds anhydrous sodium sulfate drying.Concentrating under reduced pressure is removed ethyl acetate.Then in oily matter, add a small amount of dehydrated alcohol crystallisation by cooling, the crystallized product oven dry.Yield 90%, purity 99.0% (GC).


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