Hypophosphorous acid CAS 6303-21-5

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Hypophosphorous acid (HPA), or phosphinic acid, is a phosphorus oxyacid and a powerful reducing agent with molecular formula H3PO2. It is a colorless low-melting compound, which is soluble in water, dioxane and alcohols. The formula for this acid is generally written H3PO2, but a more descriptive presentation is HOP(O)H2, which highlights its monoprotic character. Salts derived from this acid are called hypophosphites.

HOP(O)H2 exists in equilibrium with the minor tautomer HP(OH)2. Sometimes the minor tautomer is called hypophosphorous acid and the major tautomer is called phosphinic acid.


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Hypophosphorous acid CAS 6303-21-5 Hypo

Product information:

Product Name: Hypophosphorous acid
Synonyms: HYPOPHOSPHOROUSACID,30%(W/V)SOLUTION;HYPOPHOSPHOROUSACID,50%(W/V)SOLUTION;Hypophosphorus acid: (Phosphinic acid);Hypophosphorus acid, 50% w/w aq. soln.;hypophosphorous;hypophosphorousacid(corrosiveliquid,acidic,inorganic,n.o.s.);Hypophosphorousacid,50%w/waq.soln.;HYPOPHOSPHOROUS ACID SOLUTION 50% AQUEOUS
CAS NO: 6303-21-5
EINECS: 228-601-5
Molecular Formula: HO2P
Molecular Weight: 63.980501
Melting point: -25 °C
Boiling Point: 108 °C (759.8513 mmHg)
Appearance: colorless liquid
Storage: no restrictions.
Applications: 1. Hypophosphorous acid is used as reducing agent for electroless plating;
2. It can be used to prevent discoloration of phosphoric acid resin;
3. It is used as esterification catalyst, the refrigerant;
4. It is used to produce hypophosphite, sodium salts, manganese salts, iron salts are generally used as nourishing substances;
5. Hypophosphorous acid is used in medicine and as reducing agent, the determination of arsenic, tellurium and separation of tantalum, niobium and other reagents.
6. It is strong reducing agent, It can be used for the preparation of sodium hypophosphite, calcium phosphate and other hypophosphite.
7. It can be used for the plating bath. Pharmaceuticals. reducing agent. general reagents.
8. It is strong reducing agent, it can be used in making sodium hypophosphite, calcium phosphate and other hypophosphite.
9. This product is widely used as reducing agent, Ag, Cu, Ni, Hg and other metals are reduced to the corresponding metal, for the verification of As, Nb, Ta and other reagents, it can be used for the preparation of Na, K, Ca, Mn, Fe and other types of hypophosphite.

Hypophosphorous acid (HPA), or phosphinic acid, is a phosphorus oxyacid and a powerful reducing agent with molecular formula H3PO2.

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